Learn Chinese with live lessons!

We offer live lessons with dedicated tutors in mainland China. This is the best way to learn true Mandarin Chinese because you will be learning from warm and caring bi-lingual tutors who will tailor individualized learning plans to serve your unique needs. 

Why should I learn Chinese?

There are several reasons to learn Mandarin Chinese - for business, travel, cultural, etc. The most obvious reason to learn Mandarin Chinese is because it it the most widely spoken language in the world and the primary language of the next superpower (saying ‘next’ at this point may even be outdated). China, as you’ve probably heard a million times already is emerging as the second most important / powerful country in the world behind the US. And with the state of the US right now, it may even become number one. Read more here

Learning Chinese how YOU want to learn

Our goal is to provide efficient, affordable and quality tutor classes for people who are interested in China and our language.  

  • Your preferred location: With our innovative online tutoring program, you can have your lessons at your home, in a cafe, or anywhere you are with an internet connection...
  • Caring tutors: We work hard to ensure each individual client will get the most personal and beneficial services for their language needs. You can switch tutors at any time or have two tutors at one time to get used to more accents.
  • Flexible schedules: You decide the length and frequency of classes you have and you decide which days work best for you, including evenings and weekends.
  • Affordable rates: All of our online tutoring is $20/hr for all levels. There is no hidden charges. If you purchase 20 lessons at once, you will get a discount rate of $15/hr.